Paulius Kulikauskas photo

Paulius Kulikauskas

Chief of the Office for Europe, UN-Habitat

Before representing UN-Habitat in Europe, Mr. Paulius Kulikauskas was an Inter-Regional Adviser of the UN Regular programme for Technical Cooperation at the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. His activities aim to ensure the provision of high-level technical expertise, the transfer of knowledge from UN to Governments on policy-related issues and development strategies and the formulation, assessment or evaluation of projects and programmes. The advisers are seen as the critical interface between the countries and the UN, facilitating country-level access to the expertise of the Organization.  Paulius worked as a Lead Expert at the URBACT programme of the European Union, in the "integrated development" and "governance and urban planning" themes. Paulius worked as a consultant for UNESCO, The World Bank, EBRD, USAID, and several Directorates General of the European Commission: from programming future actions to evaluating project applications.