Francesca Miazzo photo

Francesca Miazzo

Co-founder and Managing Director

Francesca Miazzo is CITIES Foundation’s managing director and co-founder. Francesca manages and coordinates CITIES Foundation, which is an Amsterdam-based independent organization that invests its energy in active research, community engagement, and initiation of locally specific solutions for global urban problems. Its underlying philosophy is based on co-creation and community-focused project development. Francesca co-founded CITIES in 2008 and since then with her team she has worked to empower the urban population to commence, drive innovation and integrate scalable initiatives to tackle global problems, such as environmental crisis. Francesca has over five years of experience in managing and activating local communities. From projects with respect to local food systems to sustainable waste management she has led initiatives instigating circularity and commoning practices within the urban environment to integrate scalable solutions into urban economy and ecology for a long-term. As a result, CITIES also operates as an incubator for self-initiated enterprises.