Aziza Akhmouch photo

Aziza Akhmouch

Acting Head of Division - Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development

Aziza Akhmouch is heading the cities, urban policy and sustainable development division within the OECD Centre for entrepreneurship, SMEs, local development and tourism. She oversees urban-related policies from transport to spatial planning, water, land use or housing, to advise governments on public policy design and implementation. Her portfolio also includes metropolitan and urban reviews, which assess urban policies at a given scale or across levels of government and provide tailored recommendations to cities or countries following a demand-driven approach. Aziza Akhmouch also coordinates thematic work on cities and climate change, cities and inclusive growth, urban green growth, and the localisation of the SDGs. She founded the OECD programme on water governance, developed the OECD Principles on Water Governance, and created the OECD Water Governance Initiative, a multi-stakeholder network gathering twice a year in a policy forum. She holds a PhD in Geopolitics and a MS degree in International Business.