Anila Noor photo

Anila Noor

Refugee Activist & Researcher

My background is embedded in forced migration; my father migrated to Pakistan in 1947 that initiated our migrant family history. As a human-rights advocate I want more positive stories of migrants to be heard. I believe I would be able to contribute as a migrant and for the migrants. I constantly strive to adapt, improve and innovate. My work helps me counter my disappointment that our perspectives are rarely included in the policies aimed at us. While working with refugee and migrant communities I also reflect on my own journey as an immigrant, a woman of colour, an activist and researcher. My own work with refugee communities has been consistent. My work continued on this theme in collaboration with Dr. Helen Hintjens of the ISS. We presented papers on various aspects of Refugee and Migration policies and advocacy, both in the Oxford, UK and in The Netherlands.