EIP‑SCC ‑ The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP‑SCC) is an initiative supported by the European Commission bringing together cities, industry, SMEs, banks, research and other smart city actors.

It already counts more than 5.000 members from over 30 countries. Their common aims are to improve citizens’ quality of life, increase the competitiveness of European cities and industry and to reach European energy and climate targets.

Together we work towards:

• Attracting 1 billion euro investment in innovative solutions and 300 cities engaged across the EU

• Improving the productivity of the EU smart cities market

• Supporting innovation, jobs & growth

• Being relevant to city politicians & policy makers

What do we do?

• Connecting market actors to speed the adoption of solutions

• Delivering common investment-ready solutions for shared city challenges

• Delivering guidance for key enabling themes

• Engaging priority sectors, levels and stakeholders

How can the platform help you?

• Find the latest news, events and documents related to innovation in Smart Cities

• Find information on many existing EU funding sources

• Launch a debate on a specific issue, initiative or practice

• Share information, documents and links to enhance the visibility of your events

• Find interesting completed or ongoing smart cities projects

• Get in touch with potential partners or peers who work on the same subject